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Jubilee Pavilion Committee

The Jubilee Pavilion Committee (“the Committee”) is a committee of Stone with Bishopstone and Hartwell Parish Council (“the Parish Council”)
The aims of the Committee are to promote the Jubilee Pavilion as a facility for sports, social, educational and other uses and to manage the Jubilee Pavilion and War Memorial Recreation Ground to ensure that it is efficiently run and well managed.
Purpose of the Committee
The Committee shall be responsible for letting of the Jubilee Pavilion, may determine hiring charges and amounts of deposits, standard terms and conditions of use, hiring contracts, and supervise employees and volunteers associated with the Jubilee Pavilion. The Committee shall not engage any employee or incur expenditure on any single item or service up to a monthly maximum of £50.00 without prior approval of the Parish Council Finance Committee.
The Committee is established to manage, maintain and improve the recreational facilities on behalf of Stone with Bishopstone and Hartwell parish Council and this shall also include the following responsibilities: To keep under review the provision of sports and recreational facilities for the residents of Stone with Bishopstone and Hartwell.

The Current Chairman of this Committee is Clive Corbould who can be contacted via the clerk here.

Full terms of reference for the Jubilee Pavilion committee can be found here.

The Jubilee Pavilion, Stone. Bucks

The Stone Jubilee Pavilion