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07 December 2019 09:30
Cafe in the Park
in the Pavilion Social Area

07 December 2019 12:30
Rivets First v Haddenham
in the Pitch and Changing Rooms

08 December 2019 10:30
Fitness Gym Opening
in the Pavilion Social Area

09 December 2019 10:15
Kay Durban Fitness Class
in the Pavilion Social Area

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Stone Jubilee Pavilion

The Jubilee Pavilion is a great venue for village activities, fund raising events, anniversary and family parties. It's a very popular place for young children's Birthday parties and there is plenty of space for the bouncy castle. 

However, the hall is not available for parties for the 12-25 age group. 

We have a well-equipped kitchen suitable for commercial caterers, or for the self-catered party.

Jubilee Pavilion is pleased to announce the arrival of two new Football Teams. You should be able to see football every weekend playing on the field in Stone.

The Jubilee Pavilion is located in beautiful grounds. There is a Football pitch for the season.

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The Stone Jubilee Pavilion