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Jason Aldous

I am originally from North London and moved to Bishopstone in 2002 after a couple of years living in Australia. I setup my own company (Aldous Systems) in 2002 after 13 years with a major telecom company. At Aldous Systems we importing and distribute multi room audio and home automation systems. I love new technology and I am a bit of an audiophile so love my job as I get to play with new gadgets and audio systems all day long!! I stood for Parish Council as I think we have a fantastic environment and a great community spirit and wanted to make sure we get to keep it that way for us and our children to enjoy.
Position:  Chairman, Finance & Governance Committee - Chairman, Communications - Prime, Play Equipment - Prime
Tel No.:  07990540985
ID:  1

Mark Turner

I was originally co-opted to the Parish Council in 2010 and then subsequently re-elected in 2011. I wanted to join the Parish Council as I felt that I could help make a difference and be an active member of our community. As a representative for Bishopstone I am concerned about the impact that development projects, on our side of Aylesbury, and HS2 will have on our village. I am also concerned about road safety and maintaining our village amenities As a family we moved to Bishopstone in 2005 after having lived in and around Aylesbury for the last 30 years. I am a consultant Building Services engineer and until recently ran my own practice, I am now semi-retired. I am married to Leslie and we have two grown up children.
Position:  Councillor, HS2 Council Rep, Play equipment working party
Tel No.:  01296 615272
ID:  2

Clare Somek

Position:  Parish Clerk
Tel No.:  01296 698573 Mobile: 07557 519060
ID:  3

Brian Rogers

Now retired, I’ve lived in Stone with my wife and occasional nomadic offspring since 2005. A once keen cyclist, walker and allotmenteer, ageing joints have forced me into a more sedentary lifestyle although I try to get around the Parish as much as possible overseeing several of the Parish Council’s Strategic Projects. Still an amateur meteorologist and enthusiastic cook, I now teach people of all ages the techniques of flying using a Chipmunk simulator in the Trenchard Museum at RAF Halton.  My previous involvement in project planning and management allows me to take a considered, dispassionate view on Parish planning applications.
Position:  Vice Chairman, Finance & Gorvernance Committee, Planning Committee - Chairman, Human Resource Committee, Grounds maintenance, Devolved Services, Cemetery - Prime
Tel No.:  01296 747087
ID:  4

Mark Bale

I moved to Bishopstone from Stone in 2001, where I lived for 18 years. I am an ex Farmer, DJ and currently run my own IT Business, selling and repairing computers from my office in Bishopstone. I am one of the organisers of the Fete

I love Motor Racing and am a big fan of the Le Mans 24 Hour and F1.


Position:  Jubilee Pavilion Chairman, Finance & Governance Committee member, Planning Committee, LAF Rep.
Tel No.:  01296 749133
ID:  5

George C Lamb

Forty years ago I came from North London to work in Aylesbury and I have not moved on from Bucks because I was very happy in my job and in our semi-rural village life. I had worked in Uganda and, after teaching in London and archaeology in Milton Keynes, I became the education officer at the County Museum for 24 years. I was pushed by various friends into school governorship, the church council and the parish council and I have been chairman of the latter for 10 years. I am enthusiastic about history, very recalcitrant with modern technology, still using paper and pen, and a very incompetent allotment holder.
Position:  Councillor, Cemetery
Tel No.:  01296 748988
ID:  7

Ralph Woodward

Position:  Councillor, Planning Committee, Grounds Maintenance, Devolved Services, HS2 Rep, Footpaths, Car park Project
Tel No.:  07702 019221
ID:  8

Keith Brindle

Position:  Councillor, Footpaths
Tel No.:  01296 748279
ID:  9

Roger Cantle

Position:  Councillor, Finance & Governance Committee, Planning Committee, Pavilion Committee, Human Resource Committee, Play equipment project, Car Park project, War Commemoration project
Tel No.:  01296 748010
ID:  10

Enid Robinson

I have lived in Stone with my husband Clarence since 2006 I was born in Haddenham raised three children, 2 boys and a girl Always closely involved in village life and I became a Parish Councillor there for 12 years. I enjoy singing with the local Church Choir, attend our church services as well as Aston Sandford and a member of the Haddenham Medical Centre Patient Participation Group. The Jubilee Pavilion, The War Memorial Park the Annual Fete and village unity are some of my interests. Communication and involvement within the expanse of the villages will be one of my aims.
Position:  Jubilee Pavilion Committee
Tel No.:  01296 748223
ID:  11